Saturday, June 15, 2013

Introduction and Trail #1--High Line Canal

This is Frito. Running with Frito to me represents running for the sheer joy of it. Running to relax and escape everyday stress. Running to enjoy and explore nature.  

When I start to show even a hint that I am getting ready to run, Frito starts his running "dance". I just need to open the drawer with my running clothes, put on my running watch, start putting my hair in a ponytail, and he already knows its on. First he does a stretch.  Then he starts wiggling from his nose all the way to the end of his tail. Occasionally he lets out a long howl as if to say lets go!!!! As I put my running shoes on he chugs water, he knows he needs to hydrate.  Once I grab the leash he can't contain his excitement and he jumps, all four legs, 2-3 feet off the ground while wiggling from head to toe.  We call this a bah-boing! This is what Frito does when his is really really excited.  It's this pure excitement and joy that I want to have before and during every run.

There are some goals that I am working towards in my running right now.  The main one right now is  setting a 10k pr.  Another one is a little different.  My goal is to run in 52 different parks/trails in the next year.  I started this over Memorial Day weekend, so I have until next Memorial day to complete it.  I've decided it only counts if I take pictures, and share it, so I will be doing that here.  While I have run in more parks than 3, I have only taken pictures for 3 parks so far.  

This morning, Frito and I did an easy run along a short stretch of the High Line Canal in Littleton.  I like running this trail for easy runs, tempo or longer intervals, and occasionally for long runs.  It's pretty much flat and provides some shade. There are some good views of the mountains and depending on what stretch you run there are some nice houses to look at along the way. 

Frito stalking a bunny
Frito doing his slowmotion walk towards the bunny
Getting closer
 He probably thinks running=hunting.

Not the best lighting for pictures, but definitely the best time to run while it's still cool and shady!

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  1. I know that pre-run doggie dance well. Moose is starting to learn it. Glad you're blogging again!