Monday, June 24, 2013

Park #2-Deerfield Park, Park #3-Leelenau State Park, and a wedding

This past weekend, Adam and I headed to Michigan for my sister's wedding.  The dogs didn't come along and we split all three of them up with Frito going to a petsitter, Cooper going to one friend, and Mickey going to another.

Frito made himself right at home at the petsitters.
Mickey with his buddy Max.

We flew in late, so we stayed in Mt. Pleasant where I grew up, before heading up to Leland (near Traverse City) where the wedding would be.  It gave me a chance to run at Deerfield Park in the morning.  Deerfield is where we went for walks as a family when I was a kid.  It was where we floated down the Chippewa river every 4th of July on inner tubes.  It was where I first fell in love with running as a teenager and where our high school cross county course was until my senior year.  I have a lot of miles and history in this park.  

It's a beautiful park--heavily shaded and much of it along the Chippewa river.  After living in Colorado for almost 3 years I've come to really appreciate the full thick shade that Deerfield provides.  You can't find shade like this in Colorado.  The only big drawback is the mosquitos.  You can't slow down, stop, or walk without them finding you, so I apologize for any fuzzy photos--I had to take them on the go!

Wildwood pathway

River Loop
I used to think this was a big hill
The covered brige--this was a long walk and a destination to get to when I was a kid!
The Covered Bridge from the other direction.
The swinging bridge
We had a lot of fun as kids and runners when this bridge bounced up and down.
The natural spring at Deerfield--iron fortified water.
On Saturday, we went for a run in Leelanau State Park near Northport, MI.  Adam really only ran to escape the mosquitoes.  I ran here 2 years ago when I came to visit my family for Memorial Day and watch my sister run the Bayshore Marathon. It's a beautiful park, again heavily shaded which I love, and with some steep hills and enough mosquitoes to keep you moving at a good clip.  

Adam looking over his shoulder for the killer mosquitoes.
Trying to drop Adam up a hill :)
Adam really likes trees like this

More Green!

Checking out the view of Lake Michigan from our room post run.
The weather was a little windy for the wedding which was on the beach, but it was beautiful.  The best picture the two of us got was near the parking lot unfortunately and it still wasn't great.  Thankfully there were a lot of great shots of the bride and groom.  We had a nice relaxing time and enjoyed seeing family.  It's nice to get back to Michigan in the summer to see how beautiful it is. 
Pre wedding.

My sister's dogs Charley Brown, and Timmy (you can't see much of Timmy)
Adam showing off the view from our room.

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